R/C Max J. Werkenthin III, AP-IN


Joined USPS in 2007.  Native Austinite; fourth generation.  UT graduate.  Practicing Attorney; 42 years’ experience.  Past Commander, Austin Squadron.  Past District Commander, District 21.  Past Member, National Meetings Committee.  Currently National Law Officer and Chair of National Law Committee.


Executive Officer

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LT/C Christine Geist SN-IN

Squadron Educational Officer

Christine has been a member for 35 years.  She has served as District Educational Officer for District 21 as well as Squadron Educational Officer for Austin Power Squadron. She and her husband have boated the Texas coast, the Highland Lakes and more. They travel extensively both in and outside the United States.



Administrative Officer

Jesse was a P/C of the Galveston Bay squadron, and a long-time member of USPS. He moved to Lago Vista twelve years ago and transferred his membership to Austin. Jesse is an avid boater who keeps his runabout at Lago Vista. He served the Austin Power Squadron for the second time as Commander in 2015.

P/C Chet Geist SN-IN


He is a charter member of the organization and has held many offices. He and his wife have boated on the highland lakes and the coast of Texas.  He has been an instructor in most of our courses for the past 55 years.



Ginny has been Austin's commander twice and has held nearly every other position in our squadron. She and her husband Charles live on Lake Travis.


P/C Edward A. Fredholm JN-IN

Immediate Past Commander

Ed moved back to Texas and joined the Austin Squadron after a long dry stretch in St. Louis. He has pursued his interest in boating for over 20 years and currently docks his home built cabin cruiser at West Beach Marina.

P/C Stephen R. Schmidt JN

Exec. Com. Member at Large

Member since 1999.  Active in the local Cooperative Charting program and member of the USPS National Committee for Cooperative Charting.  Past Commander and presently editor of the newsletter, The Plotter.

Lt James L. Pollok S-IN

Exec. Com. Member at Large

Jim Pollok has always loved boats, but never owned one until retirement.  ABC Austin gave him the opportunity to make up for all those wasted years.

Lt Lindi Pollok

Exec. Com. Member at Large

Lindi Pollok is a retired oncology nurse who really likes the water---sailing, powerboating, fishing, or just watching it.