We are your friends and neighbors seeking fun and safety on the water. We are the family down the street with the shiny new runabout in the driveway. We are the older couple out on their sailboat on a Sunday sunset cruise. We are the group of boaters rafted together in Cow Creek on a beautiful Saturday afternoon enjoying swimming and socializing.

America's Boating Club Austin

We've been active since 1961 when 28 avid boaters came together to establish the Austin Power Squadron under the auspices of District 21 of the United States Power Squadron.

District 21 covers 11 squadrons in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. We currently have over 70 active members in the Austin area and are always seeking new members to join us in the fun.

America's Boating Course®

Register for our nationally recognized boating course for the novice or experienced boater.  It will add to your enjoyment of recreational boating no matter your choice of water sport.
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Can I Join?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to come check out one of our events or courses to see what we’re all about. There’s no obligation. You don’t even need to own a boat.

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What We Do

Simply put, we are a non-profit fraternal organization whose primary purpose is to educate our members and the public with the goal of improving the boating experience for all. Whether it’s conducting our nationally recognized “America’s Boating Course” for the public, or providing a multi session course on “Celestial Navigation”, or any course in between, there’s something for everyone.

In conjunction with the United States Coast Guard we also conduct a “Vessel Safety Check” program to ensure that vessels are properly equipped for safe boating. The United States Power Squadron has been conducting these Checks for 17 years and has inspected over 425,000 vessels to date. These VSC’s are available to anyone.

Finally, we are a social organization and enjoy regular outings throughout the year, generally on Lakes Travis and Austin, but we often venture outward to the gulf coast and other Texas lakes.